O&G Industries-Masonry Division Recruits Bluestone Project Manager to Assist the Sales Team

Ballolli’s Expertise Tapped to Support the Growing Fabrication and Distribution Center Need for a Dedicated Bluestone Project Manager

(Aug 2016)   Peter (PJ) Ballolli has been named Bluestone Project Manager for O&G Industries – Masonry Division, the news was announced today by John Baranoski, Fabrication and Distribution Director.

In his new position, Ballolli will be responsible for reading specifications, specific to Bluestone material to quote and place orders for material to support of the sales team projects. Learning a new industry, PJ’s responsibilities will expand to include Bluestone prospecting and purchasing nationwide. He “looks forward to the new career path and the opportunities the new position presents as he navigates the learning curve to assist the sales team and consumers efficiently.”

Peter has over 6 years of experience as construction estimator and landscape foreman where his site plan management experience fits well in his new position as Bluestone Project Manager with O&G. His previous experience managing complete site plans will assist him as he narrowing focuses on Bluestone specifications and materials.

“What impressed us with PJ is his six years of site plan management experience in various industries, a positive attitude, and his future engineering degree,” remarked Baranoski. “We are pleased to have PJ join the O&G staff.”

Ballolli is an Engineering Science major enrolled in the Connecticut Community College System. Upon completion he plans to enroll in a four year Civil Engineering program.

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