Matchmaking Designs by the Seasons

It is a great feeling when we can take a moment and just unplug from the craziness of everyday life. 

On those rare occasions where we allow ourselves to simply observe and drink in our surroundings, the team at Lisa Davenport Designs scrutinizes textures, analyzes colors, and looks for common denominators. 

Since 2013, fans of Lisa Davenport Designs have enjoyed our color boards filled with all our discoveries. They make up our signature Cashmere and Blue Jeans™ look, a unique style that seamlessly marries together unlike elements. It’s a style that is polished, authentic, rustic, refined yet comfortable, classic and even organic. So, when the editor of Stylish Spaces with Masonry, who has been following our boards and wanted to introduce her readers to them, approached us for this article we were thrilled. 

We decided to select a few of O&G’s marvelous earth-based materials and make unique connections through the Cashmere and Blue Jeans approach. We looked at nature, and it seemed fitting that a seasonal approach would match decorative natural materials to colors and textures of the seasons. Designing our boards around the four seasons, calling forth the colors so connected to the New England landscape and matching them to the gorgeous earth-based materials found at O&G’s Earth Products Showcases, proved a natural fit. Enjoy!


New Englanders, for the most part, welcome the arrival of winter and that first snow, the way it creates a serene and silent blanket that sparkles, casting colors from steel grey to purple, blue to pink. It doesn’t take too long for the excitement to wear off. For some to see the season as gray, dull and well, cold – we, on the other hand, find the beauty in all of it. 


It sometimes feels like it will never arrive. Yet when we spy that first vibrant crocus peeking through the snow, we see the light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s not a train! The various plants that emerge as the snow piles recede display welcoming colors, from buttery yellow to saturated greens that look like they can’t wait to burst onto the scene. 


That first evening when you toss the sweater aside and sit on the beach, curling your toes in the warm sand as you watch the sunset – ah, summer has arrived! The late day sun warms your face, the horizon changes before your eyes. The sand’s subtle ivory and gold tones blur into the blues and greens of the ocean, whose water mirrors the display of colors floating in the sky. Where else can you find colors working so exquisitely together?


Autumn is the season where New England becomes a riot of red, green, orange, and yellow leaves, hills, and skies. As we pull out our cable knit sweaters and bake sweet apple pies, the sap drains from the tree leaves, the frost caresses the pumpkins and we say goodbye to the lazy days of summer. Isn’t it ironic that as the temperature drops, the colors heat up?

Cashmere and Blue Jeans™ is a trademark of Lisa Davenport Designs
Lisa Davenport Designs