Natural Stone Veneer as an Accent Element

Accent Elements

Natural Stone Veneers

The builders of the ancient pyramids and temples had the right idea…natural stone veneers are the ideal building material. It is attractive, extremely durable, in abundant supply and just plain desirable. It can bring rustic warmth to a clean, modern composition and can also be fabricated into elements suitable for nearly every building surface.

If stone is so great, why isn’t everything still made from the miracle material? Realistically it comes down to cost. Every project has a budget and with currently depressed property values we are challenged daily with achieving “more with less”. Fortunately the building stone supply industry is moving with the market and introducing innovative and cost-efficient products that permit the use of stone in architectural projects, both big and small.

“As a mid-size architectural firm located in central Connecticut, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of projects in our portfolio. These projects range from small residential additions to large educational projects, but what they have in common is a desire for elegant design and a tight budget. While we recently completed a new commercial office building completely clad in stone, more commonly we are looking for ways to add accents or highlight building features using limited scale stone accents. With a high price per square foot, the key to cost effective stone design is to utilize limited area to achieve maximum results.” David Quisenberry of Quisenberry Arcari Architecture

Read the entire article and view the final project. David Quisenberry