Using Natural Stone in Today’s Architecture. Stone Formation to Fabrication

AIA Credits: 1LU
ASLA Credits: 1LU
IDCEC Credits: 1LU


This course is an introduction to commercially available natural stones (Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, and Marble) as used in dimension stone production. Geology as it relates to each stone type will be provided to aid in understanding each stone type’s physical properties. Stone harvesting and fabrication will be discussed to educate and provide insight into quarry and production techniques that contribute to successful architectural projects (understanding quarries, color and natural markings as they relate to natural stone, etc). ASTM Testing procedures and relative values will be discussed in relation to the stone categories considered. Also discussed will be piece size and thickness as it relates to the use of each stone type and the effect of quarry type and technique.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the three basic geological stone formations and distinguish their inherent physical characteristics as they relate to architectural stone use.
  • Define ASTM testing procedures and values relative to stone types and understand comparative performance values by stone species.
  • Develop an understanding of natural stone quarrying and fabrication and how they relate to finished materials and piece sizes.
  • Explore various stone applications and the possibilities that exist with using natural stone.