Venetian Smooth

Venetian Smooth step overlay tiles are a great cover for aging poured concrete stairs that need a modern face-lift. Available in multiple colors, the Vanetian smooth is a modern concrete tile for your front steps. You can expect longer durability, resistance to de-Icing salt, a lifetime transferable warranty, and serves as the perfect covering for deteriorating concrete steps; the perfect mini face-lift to add curb appeal and value to your home.

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Concrete Overlays, Garden, Patio & Terrace, Pool Decks, Steps, Walkway


Beige Cream, Champlain Grey, Chestnut Brown, Greyed Nickel, Shale Grey

Shape and Size

14" X 15 5/8", 7" X 15 5/8"

**Please note that natural stone varies in color and grain. Website photos may not be representative of current product lots.