Silver Alabaster Shadow Thin Panel

Thinstone panels are the most contemporary of all Realstone™ collections. Slate, quartzite or sandstone are cut into ultra-thin slices to form each panel. Silver Alabaster is available in a split face Ledgestone finish, smooth Shadowstone, and Thinstone, a unique angled cut profile. The slim pieces of stone blend together into a texture-rich surface, bringing depth and refinement to any project.

Silver Alabaster natural stone panels are a texture-rich multi-hued product. Combining both warm and cool shades of Quartzite and subtle sparkle, Silver Alabaster easily fits in any decor.  The full line of products in the Silver Alabaster color makes it a dream to work with where multiple surfaces are part of the installation.

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Commercial, Exterior, Interior, Residential, Walls, Water Features

Shape and Size

6" x 24"

**Please note that natural stone varies in color and grain. Website photos may not be representative of current product lots.