Blu 80 Polished

Speckled and spectacular, Blu 80mm paver is a luxurious option for your modern driveway. Due to its 80 mm height, Blu is optimal for driveway use and any surface exposed to vehicular traffic. This paver is offered in vibrant and neutral colors. Great for driveways and all exterior spaces exposed to vehicular traffic. This pavement is also de-icing salt resistant, withstands harsh climates and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.Blu 80 mm can also be installed in a permeable application.

Additional information


Driveway, Garden, Patio & Terrace, Permeable, Pool Decks, Walkway


Beige Cream, Chestnut Brown, Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black, Shale Grey

Shape and Size

13 x 19 1/2", 13" x 13", 13" x 6 1/2"

**Please note that natural stone varies in color and grain. Website photos may not be representative of current product lots.