Paving With Porcelain

Program Code#: PWP 101

  • Length: 1 hour
  • Credits: 1 LU/HSW
  • LA CES – 1 PDH

One of the most exciting developments in outdoor living is the arrival of the ¾“ and 1 ¼“ thick porcelain outdoor pavers. The concept began to spark interest in 2012 and is continuing to grow in popularity. Outdoor porcelain pavers have the same benefits as regular porcelain—being freeze-thaw resistant, skid-resistant, durable and easy to clean—combined with incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2,000 pounds) create the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas.

Outdoor porcelain pavers can be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand –or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports –without grout, adhesives or specialized labor, making installation incredibly easy.

  1. Review history and manufacturing standards for porcelain pavers
  2. March porcelain pavers with proper applications
  3. Specify the proper materials and methods for installation of porcelain paving products
  4. Identify opportunities to earn points on a LEED registered project using porcelain paving.