Using Natural Stone in Today’s Architecture. Stone Design & Architecture

AIA Credits: 1LU
ASLA Credits: 1LU
IDCEC Credits: 1LU


This course will focus on the architect’s sampling process, surface finishes, graphics, basic stone detailing, BIM object libraries, and will touch lightly on anchoring systems. The objective is to provide an understanding of available finishes, and design tools available to architects as they begin the design process and progress toward contract drawings. Consideration will also be given to budget pricing and cost implications of various design options.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Examine and compare various finishes for stone applications.
  • Recognize quarry range and background color and appropriate project sampling procedures.
  • Explore anchoring systems, basic detailing, and BIM libraries for stone project design.
  • Analyze pricing and budget considerations for standard stone details.