Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library: Stone Restoration

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Stone Restoration

Restoring the Heart of Yale University

Sitting in the heart of Yale’s campus, Sterling Memorial Library towers over its surroundings. The library is brimming with approximately 3,300 stained glass windows and filled with 4 million volumes. Built in the Collegiate Gothic style in 1930, the library resembles a European Gothic cathedral and epitomizes Yale’s beauty. Despite its impressive stature, the time has taken its toll on the nearly 90-year-old building and has weathered the intricacies of its limestone.

However, thanks to O&G’s collaboration spearheaded by Facility Manager John Baranoski and Tony San Angelo from Universal Preservation Group, the Sterling Memorial library will stand proud and beautiful once more. After precise measuring and hand detailing by O&G’s Fabrication Center staff artist Franklin Pena, the team has masterfully completed a stone restoration project that will revitalize the appearance of Sterling Memorial Library.

Sterling Memorial Pre- Stone Restoration

Sterling Memorial Stone Restoration WIP 4Sterling Memorial Stone Restoration Measuring

Sterling Memorial Stone Restoration WIP 3Sterling Memorial Stone Restoration WIP Sterling Memorial Stone Restoration WIP 2 Comparing Old to New Post Stone Restoration