Stone seat wall designs: Which design is best for your home?

Published by Techo-Bloc on Apr 24, 2023

We love using our concrete stones to create seating in an outdoor space. Seating walls are a great way to create a place of gathering in your backyard without taking up too much space. Also, stone seating walls are durable and can withstand harsh climates, meaning you don’t have to cover or bring in outdoor furniture once winter rolls around. So practical! 

Not only is a seat wall functional, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing and really allows you to get creative in your outdoor space. Choose different colored concrete, textures or cuts to create an eye-catching design, or keep it simple for a more minimalistic approach. Stone seating walls are perfect for big or small backyards and can make a lasting impression! Let’s discover some seat wall designs together! 

1. Borealis retaining wall 

slabs-walls-backyard-patio-bench-lighting-blu-grande-borealis-shale-grey-smoked-pine (2)

These homeowners wanted to create a natural feel in their backyard. For that reason, they used our Borealis retaining wall to define their outdoor space and create more comfortable seating. Our Borealis retaining wall is functional and blends into the surrounding natural environment. In fact, Our Borealis seating wall looks and feels exactly like real wood, but is durable and can withstand harsh climates. Win-Win! When looking to add a natural seating wall, look no further than our Borealis retaining wall! 

2. Raffinato Smooth

pavers-Industria-Smooth-Paver-pavés-Primer_TechoBloc_Series-2020_013_IndustriaVarious-Raffinato (1)

In this landscape project, the seat wall serves two purposes: defining a space and creating a seating area. The seating wall adds dimension to the backyard and allows these homeowners to accommodate many guests in a small space. For modern landscape designs, forget throwing a few chairs around a fire pit. A stone seating wall allows you to gather your guests around your fire pit without compromising on style. Add a few plush pillows for comfort and you’re good to go! These homeowners used our Raffinato Smooth retaining wall blocks in the color greyed nickel for a sleek look! 

3. Iconic

retaining-wall-blocks-Iconic-muret-2022-CA118-Showcase-RAP06588 (1)

This stone seating wall was designed with our Iconic retaining wall blocks. We like to describe these stones as traditional with a modern twist! They offer the look of natural stone but in a more durable material. These homeowners opted for the rock garden brown color to create a minimalist design in their backyard. They also used the Iconic retaining wall blocks to create a matching fire pit. We love the overall look! 

4. Graphix 


It doesn’t get more modern than our Graphix retaining wall stones. These homeowners used them for their entire backyard design. We particularly love using our Graphix stones to create a seating wall. They’re eye-catching and you can easily add lighting to them for an extra modern and functional design!

All gour of these seating wall designs illustrate the functionality of a stone seating wall. It allows you to maximise your space, add dimension and accommodate as many guests as you please! For your fire pit area, or just to gather the family in the backyard, opt for a stone seating wall! Discover our retaining wall options today on the Techo-Bloc website! Which project is your favorite?