Mirage Porcelain Pavers: A Beautiful Solution

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Mirage Porcelain Pavers

A Beautiful Solution

At the gleaming offices of Philips North America Personal Health on 1600 Summer Street in Stamford, all was not well. Pavers around the perimeter of the building, and particularly those at a large fountain area behind the building, were failing. Landscape architect and site planner Craig Studer, principal of Studer Design Associates, was contracted to remedy the situation. Turning to O&G’s Masonry Division for advice on materials, architectural sales and support specialists Marty Paganini and Mike Palmieri recommended porcelain pavers from the Italian firm Mirage, specifically the line Waterfall and River color. These large, rugged pavers would withstand the frequent thermal cycling of New England winters that had been the downfall of the previous failing hardscape.

Site preparation and the 8,000SF installation were performed impeccably by Atlantic Masonry of North Haven, Connecticut. Facilities Manager Mike Campbell and Studer were pleased not just with the results but the certainty that these handsome new pavers would perform perfectly, far into the future.

Studer Design Associates of Ridgefield, Connecticut, is an award-winning landscape architect and site planner whose breadth of experience spans hospitality, luxury residential, community, athletic and commercial design and planning. 

Pavers at the fountain, walkway, exterior facade, more views of the fountain, more views of the walkway