Creating Outdoor Spaces with Style in Mind

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When it comes to designing an outdoor space, many homeowners don’t really know where to start. 

Techo-Bloc, a leading North American paving stone brand, has created outdoor hardscape products with décor styles in mind, taking interior design principles outside to backyard design. Whether your style is country rustic, contemporary, English garden, or polished casual, here are the products and styles to get the look you are after. 

Sleek Sophistication: Contemporary Style 

The contemporary Techo-Bloc style is a modern and minimalist approach; consider sleek lines and smooth textures. Geometric patterns create a sleek but visually interesting effect to build everything from raised patios and garden beds to outdoor kitchens and a matching fire pit. For pool decks, smooth and polished textures such as the Blu Grande, create a clean and modern look. 

Seeking Comfort: Polished Casual

Polished casual is simple elegance dressed down. A perfect balance between function, art, comfort, and design. Create intimacy by building a seating wall around your fire pit to accommodate guests. The Prescott fire pit is available in two colors: Riviera and Rock Garden Brown. Elements like fire and water are two great features that amplify serenity and peacefulness in a garden setting. 

Inspired by the Classics: English Garden

English Garden style is founded in timeless tradition: spontaneous and lush greenery with a whimsical and romantic twist, blurring the lines between traditional and modern approaches. 

The English Garden creates the ideal balance between unbridled natural beauty and sober traditionalism. The English know a thing or two about enduring, timeless beauty. Balance the classic and the modern by creating a Rocka wall bar for your outdoor kitchen space. A transition from a raised patio to a walkway with Rocka steps completes the look. 

A New Vide in Your Backyard: Country RusticNothing says rustic like the raw texture of wood. Borealis outdoor slabs bring a modern twist to an otherwise traditional product. Although they look and feel exactly like wood, Borealis slabs have all the durability of concrete and do not require any special maintenance. No more rotting wood decks, sanding or treating; they’re incredibly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles (and other harsh climates