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January 16, 2018
GreenPatch product

GreenPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt

GreenPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt The Safest High-Performance Cold Patch in the Industry GreenPatch® has been designed with your budget in mind; it is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Once you experience the many benefits of GreenPatch®, you’ll understand why utility companies, road repair contractors, municipalities, water departments, and homeowners are all using GreenPatch®; the first truly environmentally friendly
January 12, 2018
1600 Summer St

Mirage Porcelain Pavers: A Beautiful Solution

Mirage Porcelain Pavers A Beautiful Solution At the gleaming offices of Philips North America Personal Health on 1600 Summer Street in Stamford, all was not well. Pavers around the perimeter of the building, and particularly those at a large fountain area behind the building, were failing. Landscape architect and site planner Craig Studer, principal of Studer Design Associates, was contracted
January 8, 2018
Marie Ferari Children's Hospital

Making an Oasis of Normalcy

Making an Oasis of Normalcy Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital The story behind this beautiful addition to the Westchester Medical Center is bittersweet. After John Fareri and his wife, Brenda, lost their thirteen-year-old daughter, Maria, to rabies, the couple discovered she had made a wish in her last school project for “the health and well-being of all the children of the
December 22, 2017
Yale: Sterling Memorial Library

Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library: Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration Restoring the Heart of Yale University Sitting in the heart of Yale’s campus, Sterling Memorial Library towers over its surroundings. The library is brimming with approximately 3,300 stained glass windows and filled with 4 million volumes. Built in the Collegiate Gothic style in 1930, the library resembles a European Gothic cathedral and epitomizes Yale’s beauty. Despite its impressive