Custom Restoration

The craftsmen at our Fabrication Center are particularly skilled in repairing or recreating or anything made from stone. Matching period materials like brownstone and limestone, we use modern machining and hand fabrication –– whatever best suits our clients’ needs.

Projects at Yale University and Trinity College show the kind of restoration work we do to support architects and masons under tight deadlines.

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Custom hand-finished limestone pinacles at Yale University

Yale University Wrexham Towers

The restoration of intricate limestone parapets, carvings, copings and panels began by making 3D scans of the original physical pieces. We used those scans to prepare computer files that drove our CNC stone cutting machines. Other pieces that were more complex were carved by hand. Every piece underwent final hand inspection and finishing before we delivered them to the mason.

The large photo to the right is one view of the completed project.

Custom hand-fabricated pinnacles at Trinty College

Trinity College Pinnacles

When damaged pinnacles on towers that had stood since the 1800s needed to be replaced the College’s masons turned to O&G. Working from photographs and partial samples, and sourcing stone identical to the original, our craftsmen hand carved ornate replacements the same way the originals were made.

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