We can help you create just the right custom countertop for your project. Our professionals will guide you through the whole process, from selecting a material that’s perfect for your space to the installation of your gorgeous new countertop.

For more information call us at (866) 748-5694 or contact us for a prompt response to your inquiry.

Waterbury masonry store and Earth Products Showcase

Here’s how efficient and easy it is:

First, deciding on material…

At any of our six Earth Products Showcase showrooms you can explore an array of the finest granite, marble, quartz, sandstone, and other natural and man-made products that are perfect for countertops.

Once you’ve found the right color and material, and if you’d like to hand-pick the actual slab from which we’ll make your countertop, you’re welcome to visit our showroom and warehouse in Beacon Falls to browse through our inventory.

Then, templating and profiling…

Once your base cabinets are installed, we will come to your home to create a template of your countertop. Back in our facility we’ll use that template to make a countertop that will fit your counter perfectly. As the final step we’ll apply the edge profile you select.

And delivery and installation…

When your elegant new countertop is ready we will contact you to schedule the installation.