O&G Inspires Those with Discriminating Taste with the Latest Publication of Stylish Spaces with Masonry Magazine

O&G’s luxury lifestyle publication presents a creative team of editorial contributors with inspirational articles in the stonework and design industries.

[TORRINGTON, CT May 15, 2017] The latest and largest edition of O&G’s Stylish Spaces with Masonry magazine is available the news was announced today by Anita Goerig, Director of Marketing. The 2017 publication features top articles from contributing editors from across the globe. A luxury lifestyle magazine, Stylish Spaces is dedicated to professionals and homeowners who are looking to create unique spaces in commercial and residential structures that feature stonework and dramatic appeal in design.

Stylish Spaces with Masonry magazine provides sophisticated content for consumers who appreciate the long-lasting beauty of stonework. Focusing on masonry success stories, the publication depicts projects, products, services and solutions for stone, tile, brick and other natural products. Reoccurring columns include articles on green materials, leisure styles, masonry trends, style & technology, new products, and sustainable design that are designed to inform, as well as inspire.

“The feature article, Great Estates by contributing editor Cameron Henry, architect with Charles Hilton Architects repeatedly references the team that made the magnificent and historic Greenwich estate possible,” remarked Kara Oneglia, Vice President, O&G. A reference to the importance of “collaboration achieved amongst all stakeholders,” contributing editor Dan Granniss, Principal, S/L/A/M Collaborative offers his Elements of a Successful Collaborative Design Approach featuring several design projects. Ongelia notes how “His words struck me as such an important goal; when everyone is ready and willing to collaborate, each task can be performed by the most qualified people.”

An exquisite, full-color publication Stylish Spaces is your guide to elegant living. Each article conveys the passion and practicality of masonry and exceptional design while exploring its juxtaposition of timeless artistry and modern creativity. Explore in this latest issue how masonry projects come to life.

“As a designer, it is imperative to understand the construction process, techniques, and construction materials that are both current and available to us.  As projects become more technically complex and challenging, this knowledge brings significant value to our clients.  For over two decades our relationship with O&G as both a trusted project partner and experienced contractor has allowed our engineers and designers to better understand both process and materials to deliver more efficient, sustainable, and functional designs, resulting in better overall projects,” commented Mark Arigoni, LA, Principal, Milone and MacBoorm.

According to Lisa Davenport, Principal, Lisa Davenport Designs, “O&G’s Masonry Division offers a large selection of materials and services. Their showrooms carry beautiful displays ranging from unique glass and natural stone tiles to countertop materials and stone veneers, all of which assists in articulating to my clients how my vision for the product may be applied. Additionally, working with the knowledgeable staff is a delight.”

Join us to embrace masonry and our partners as we strive to inspire through Stylish Spaces, and the work we collaborate on that arouses the senses.


Since its inception in 1923, O&G Industries, Inc. has grown to become one of the most diversified construction companies in the Northeast and one of the largest suppliers of masonry products and services in New England. Headquartered in Connecticut, the masonry division’s facilities include:

Seven mason stores and stone yards;
Six Earth Products Showcase retail showrooms; and a
Fabrication and Distribution Center for custom stonework.
Meeting design specifications, product requirements, and budgets O&G sales representatives work with professionals and homeowners alike to guide them through the widest selection of earth-based materials and services available. O&G’s Earth Products Showcases feature elegantly appointed vignettes from classic to contemporary design styles in a comfortable, natural setting.

For more information about O&G Industries Masonry Division, please navigate to our new website or contact Anita Goerig, Director of Marketing directly at 203-881-5192.