Matchmaking Designs: By the Seasons

Matchmaking Designs - Stylish Spaces with Masonry

Matchmaking Designs: By the Seasons

Lisa Davenport Designs develops article with masonry stone products

In developing her four-page article Lisa Davenport and her staff worked with Jo-Anne Urena, Sales Representative in O&G’s Middletown Earth Products Showcase. Together they selected stone products for Lisa to integrate in her article that embraces the New England seasons in her designs.

The article begins…  It is a great feeling when we can take a moment and just disconnect from the craziness of everyday life. On those rare occasions where we can allow ourselves to just observe, to drink in our surroundings, the team at Lisa Davenport Designs scrutinizes textures, analyzes colors and looks for common denominators. Since 2013 fans of Lisa Davenport Designs have enjoyed our color boards where our team does exactly all of this. The color boards are filled with LDD’s signature look, Cashmere & Blue Jeans ™, a unique style that seamlessly marries together unlike elements. A style that is polished, authentic, rustic, refined yet comfortable, classic and even organic. So when the editor from Stylish Spaces with Masonry, who has been following our boards for quite some time, approached LDD for this article we were thrilled. Read more online (flip to page 9) in O&G’s Stylish Spaces with Masonry magazine.

Photo’s courtesy of Lisa Davenport Designs and O&G Industries Masonry Division.

Lisa Davenport
Lisa Davenport, Principal and lead designer of Lisa Davenport Designs has been designing fine interiors and exteriors for over 20 years. Her background includes earning an Associate degree in Commercial Design as well as holding a design position in the Visual Merchandising division of a regional retail clothing store. These brief, yet valuable, experiences laid the ground work for her return to study Interior Design at Paier College of Art. Lisa’s work is not limited to Connecticut. She has been involved in projects all over New England including Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Watch Hill and New Hampshire. Her talents continue to take her up and down the East Coast including North Carolina and Florida. In 2016 Lisa expanded her team to the southwest coast of Florida, opening a division of LDD in Naples, Florida. Lisa lives with her family in her hometown of Durham, CT. Her roots run deep here. She loves sharing her own little ‘Mayberry’ with her clients and followers. This life has contributed to her own personal design style where modern meets traditional meets salvage. As an active member of her community, Lisa serves as a commissioner and Vice Chairman for Durham’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Lisa has also dedicated much of her time to missionary work in the eastern mountains of Kentucky, granting her the distinction of being named a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Steve Beshear. Lisa finds that the best part of her business is the relationships she builds with clients. Getting to know them on a personal level helps her to cater to their style, creating an environment that is an extension of themselves. Lisa then takes the project to perfection adding touches of her signature style which is authentic, polished, supple, splendorous, rustic, refined, easy, chic, comfortable, time-honored, organic. Lisa just says it’s Cashmere & Blue Jeans®

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