Logan McDermott: Internship with O&G’s Masonry Division

Logan McDermott

Winter 2017/2018 Internship with O&G’s Masonry Division

Logan McDermott is a motivated student at the University of Connecticut (UCONN) pursuing his bachelor’s degree in marketing with a concentration in digital marketing and analytics. His past four internships have provided him with hands-on experience where he acquired skills in website creation, SEO, content management, and brand development. In his most recent internship Logan was involved with the SEO initiative with the Marketing Director, pouring through SEO reports from WooRank and WebCEO while digging deep in the masonry website for areas of improvement.

According to Logan, “Working at O&G for these past 4 internships has been a privilege, and an incredible learning experience. I have been fortunate enough to learn the intricacies of my major in a real world work environment while being mentored by excellent teachers on both the corporate and masonry side of the business. I feel as though I have been welcomed into the family-like relationship between the company’s employees, and certainly hope to maintain these relationships past my graduation at UCONN. Thank you for an invaluable opportunity.”

Logan’s work style sets him apart from other interns; he first works to understand the project or task at hand and then identifies how he will best accomplish the goal. He is skilled with Adobe Creative Suite and digital technology; he is not afraid to dive in and get the task complete. His critical thinking skills, applied business solutions, and knowledge of digital technology in an organization will help him excel. He is a talent to reckon with and not to be overlooked by any means.

Good luck as you wrap up your last semester at UCONN Logan and congratulations on your upcoming graduation. We hope to see you back at O&G!


Logan McDermott  
The top main image features (left to right) Logan and Davlid Klipstein, Sales Representative in the Stamford Earth Products Showcase reviewing natural stone and glass tile products.



Anita Goerig
Director of Marketing, O&G Industries Masonry Division

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