GreenPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt

GreenPatch product

GreenPatch® Cold Mix Asphalt

The Safest High-Performance Cold Patch in the Industry

GreenPatch® has been designed with your budget in mind; it is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Once you experience the many benefits of GreenPatch®, you’ll understand why utility companies, road repair contractors, municipalities, water departments, and homeowners are all using GreenPatch®; the first truly environmentally friendly high performance cold mix asphalt. GreenPatch® is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, permanent solution, which is perfect for winter time applications. Contact the Waterbury Mason store at 203-574-1341 for more information.
“I don’t have to re-repair the potholes I fill with GreenPatch®. So I save money twice-once on the purchase price and again by not having to buy more.”
Hugh M.
Monmouth Beach, NJ


Anita Goerig
Director of Marketing, O&G Industries Masonry Division

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